Monday, March 28, 2016

Greetings everyone,
      It has been awhile since I lasted posted, I apologize for being behind on finishing my last few assignments. Tonight I am sharing what we worked on before the Easter weekend and finished up today. The assignment called for a map to represent the town of Adams, MA that would display suitable locations for a solar-wind powered housing village. The map took in account the slope of the towns' elevation, the aspect which is the cardinal direction the elevation faces and the winds in the area at 30m/s. The goal was to find locations with a slope less than 20 degrees, a southerly aspect and a wind speed above 5m/second. I was able to acquire this data from MassGIS by downloading a digital elevation model raster map of the state, using the mask tool in ArcToolbox to extract the town of Adams from the state. Then also used the slope and aspect tools to find that information from the new Adams DEM map. After that, I downloaded the New England 30m wind speed raster and also used the mask tool to extract Adams, to create a 30m wind speed raster. I was able to combine all three sets of data using the combine tool after reclassifying the numbers for slope, aspect  and wind to fit the qualifications the assignment was looking for. After that, a combined map display helps show where the suitable sites within Adams are for wind power. One takeaway from this assignment was the extensive use of ArcToolbox tools to extract and reclassify the raster maps to make an efficient map. It was quite tedious work, but I think the outcome was great and definitely very helpful practice in using the data you acquire and being able to present it much clearer in your final map. Hope you enjoy my final product, as always any pointers on improving my map-making skills are welcomed!

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