Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!
                             I have another map to add to the blog tonight. This again was an earlier map we worked on in the first weeks of class and actually is from the same data presented in my first post. Again this map uses the 2010 Population data to create a colored display of the state of Massachusetts' population. I then normalized the map by the number of housing units in 2010 to create the new map below, which has a legend representing the towns by housing units. Then by placing the data in Excel, I was able to create two tables that show the top 5 towns and the bottom 5 towns by housing units. I also added a bar-graph of the top 10 largest cities within the state displayed by housing units too. This map helps us visualize the population of the state and how housing is available in each part. This map does not get into more detail about how many housing units are vacant or not, but it at least gives us a view of how developed or not the towns and cities are within the state. I hope you enjoy my work!

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